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Adieu for something new.

You write your own story.

(11:09:12 PM) Huilan Teo: i look at what i want
(11:09:14 PM) Huilan Teo: in life
(11:09:19 PM) Huilan Teo: what i truly enjoy
(11:09:21 PM) Huilan Teo: writing,
(11:09:24 PM) Huilan Teo: singing
(11:09:29 PM) Huilan Teo: playing musical instrument
(11:09:32 PM) Huilan Teo: making lots of money
(11:09:34 PM) Huilan Teo: helping others
(11:09:47 PM) Huilan Teo: then i set a goal, and work towards that
(11:10:11 PM) Huilan Teo: life has no purpose if u ask me
(11:10:19 PM) Huilan Teo: u set the purpose of your own life
(11:10:24 PM) Huilan Teo: life has nothing installed for you
(11:10:31 PM) Huilan Teo: it is a blank book since the day you were borne
(11:11:26 PM) Huilan Teo: everything you do
(11:11:31 PM) Huilan Teo: becomes a chapter of your life
(11:11:34 PM) Huilan Teo: that’s your purpose
(11:11:35 PM) Huilan Teo: of life
(11:11:39 PM) Huilan Teo: you write your own story

Thank you, Huilan.  That was inspiring.

MKism: Food for Thought

I’ve come up with various concepts I call “Food for Thought”.  I never intended to share them with others, as I’d purposed them only as self-reminders.  Here are some of the more quotable ones:

  • Sometimes you gotta get burned before you stop putting your hand in the fire.

  • “Shoulda, woulda, coulda” is for dreamers.  Action is for winners.

  • Worrying is unnecessary.  Instead, be prepared.

  • A messy environment begets a messy mind.

  • Pride is an inhibitor of happiness.  Be gracious in your losses and humble in your victories.

  • Just because everyone else is doing it, does not make it the smart thing to do.

I hope it helps.

MKism: Keys to Happiness

In order to have be truly be happy, I believe you need the following:

  • A healthy respect for the self.

  • A sense of purpose. (the present)

  • Something positive to look forward to. (the future)

  • Gratitude for everything you have, had, and are going to have.

It’s not much of a list at the moment.  I hope to add to it in the future.

While a healthy appreciation for your past experiences may be beneficial, I don’t feel that it’s an essential prerequisite for happiness.  For example, if you’ve had a less than fortunate upbringing, you may prevail, not because of it, but in spite of it.

On a related note, I believe the following inhibit your joy:

  • Viewing life as a competition.

Feeling down?  My best advice to you is exercise.  There’s plenty documented benefits to exercise, including the release of endorphins.  I always feel most optimistic and creative after a session of exercise.  To quote self-help guru, Tony Robbins:

Emotion comes from motion.

Look at it this way: Death = stillness; Life = motion.  If you want to feel alive, move!

MKism: Keys to Success

Exercise definitely jump-starts my brain.  I just took my post-workout shower, and I came up with this:

The 3 things you need to succeed at anything:

  1. A desire/goal
  2. A plan
  3. A commitment

That’s it.

Update (04/15): I just watched a video, in which the speaker concluded that you can do anything with “inspiration, vision, and determination.” I quickly jotted it down, as it spoke to me on some level. Then I realized it was another way of wording my “3 Keys to Success.”

About MKisms:

A “MKism” is a brief, original “pearl of widsom” created by yours truly (and named likewise), which may or may not be similar to advice found elsewhere.  They could range from the simple to the (hopefully) profound.  I’m starting this “MKism” series, not from a place of self-importance, but from a place of sharing.  After all, we’re all we have in this world.  These are simply my humble opinions.

Feel free to challenge or contribute to my thoughts.


Something new.

(11:47:58 PM) Me: they’re just “overeducated” i guess
(11:48:03 PM) Me: think they’re too good for it or something
(11:48:13 PM) Angel: No such thing 😛
(11:48:23 PM) Me: what?
(11:48:28 PM) Me: overeducation? kuz that exists
(11:48:47 PM) Angel: I mean that they’re too good for something
(11:48:48 PM) Me: once you get too smart, you become stupid
(11:48:51 PM) Me: oh hahah
(11:48:57 PM) Me: you become stupid bkuz you reject new ideas
(11:49:01 PM) Me: or new ways of thinking
(11:49:23 PM) Me: truly enlightened individuals keep an open mind
(11:50:14 PM) Angel: hahaha, yeeah
(11:50:38 PM) Angel: people love it when you do something new
(11:51:06 PM) Angel: but cant do everything 😦
(3/12/2009 12:00:18 AM) Me: people love it when you do something new…
(12:00:21 AM) Me: sarcasm?
(12:00:32 AM) Me: haha if you’re serious, i dunno what you mean
(12:00:40 AM) Me: bkuz i feel the opposite is true
(12:00:48 AM) Me: there’s a general pressure to conform
(12:00:52 AM) Me: to not stick out
(12:01:10 AM) Me: and it’s easier to mock the individual than it is to mock the whole of society
(12:01:22 AM) Me: so it becomes a david vs. goliath type situation
(12:01:31 AM) Me: also
(12:01:42 AM) Me: if you start excelling, ppl will start hating on you
(12:01:44 AM) Me: and the reason is bkuz
(12:01:51 AM) Me: it’s easier to hate on others than it is to hate on yourself for not trying
(12:02:00 AM) Me: it happens all the time
(12:02:09 AM) Me: ppl like you when you’re mediocre
(12:02:16 AM) Me: when you’re on their level or even lesser
(12:02:22 AM) Me: bkuz it makes them feel good about themselves
(12:02:26 AM) Me: but as soon as someone else starts rising
(12:02:36 AM) Me: the obvious question is, “why haven’t YOU?”
(12:02:40 AM) Me: tough question
(12:09:21 AM) Angel: depends on the person man. I dont like having a perverted view of the world
(12:09:45 AM) Me: it’s not pessimism
(12:09:49 AM) Me: it’s just being real
(12:10:23 AM) Me: accepting realities isn’t the same as having a depressing worldview
(12:10:38 AM) Me: in fact, i think once you start acknowledging realities, you can live a truly fulfilled life

You matter.

I recently went through what I call my “nostalgia cabinet”.  It’s a wooden cabinet I’ve had most of my life.  I can’t remember the details, but ever since it entered the confines of my family’s home, it became my cabinet; a sanctuary for my intimate artifacts.  I utilized it as such from my early youth, but sometime in the latter years of high school, I abandoned it, as if such a thing were made solely for child’s play, and I no longer wished to be a child.

I dug deep through the contents of the top drawer, and the journey was a dizzying spiral into the days of yesteryear.  I met the most ancient relics of my youth, notable of which were several “Clifford the Big Red Dog” pencil tops.  I used to love Clifford, especially how his name followed with not one, but three adjectives.  (Isn’t “dog” a descriptor in this context?)

There’s no doubt a part of me that resists digging into such tombs, for fear of the torrential downpour of memories, and with it, forgotten dreams, lost hope, and perhaps regret.  I find that reflecting upon the past is always a humbling experience.

The most potent find of the excavation were the personal letters I’ve received throughout the years.  They were quite touching, abundantly imbued with love and appreciation, painting a rose-colored past.

I felt saddened by the display, wishing I’d enjoy every moment and every person even just a little bit more, wanting to reciprocate the favor that was expressed within those letters.  I regret ever ceasing communication and interaction with any and all I’ve been fortunate to know and befriend.  “The good ol’ days” beset me with a feeling of homesickness.  You can never go home again.

I came to a realization: No matter how insignificant and irrelevant you may feel at any time, you matter more than you could ever know.

I don’t know what else to say.